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January 18, 2021 1 min read

Another delicious recipe from@whats_supp1 What’s Supp Everybody

If your stuck inside like me and want a delicious, yet nutritious way to start your day then look no further. I whipped up this epic stack of pancakes using Cinnamon Doughnut Per4m whey, )whisked egg white, self raising flour, milk baking powder and enough water for a thick consistency. Topping these I have went for frozen raspberries & crushed biscoff’s and of course my classic left over whey sauce drizzle.

Ingredients, method 🔽

Ingredients for the waffle base:
40g SR Flour
2/3 scoop Pre4m Whey
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Baking Soda
1 Egg White, Whisked
1 Egg Yolk
40g Milk
Splash of Water
50g Raspberries
2 x Biscoff’s
1/3 scoop Whey mixed with water.

For the mixture I will mix all my dry ingredients together in a bowl setting some of the whey to one side to use for the sauce. I whisked the egg white & then fold into the dry mix adding the yolk, milk and enough water depending on what type of pancakes you want big & fluffy or thin & light.
Now adding to a hot pan and flip n cook until mix is gone and serve.

I topped mine with some frozen raspberries,crushed biscoff, plus the left over whey made into a sauce.


Bon Appetite!!

Now if I said you could have a whole stack of light fluffy pancakes, packed full of protein under 500 cals, you might think I was mad.
This whole stack came in at 442 Cals -
50.3G Carbs - 10.3G Fats - 35.1g Protein.

Hope you found this useful and why not have ago yourself.