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March 15, 2021 1 min read

@per4mbetter once again featuring in my post-workout meal, this time their Chocolate Raspberry whey in what was an absolutely delicious jar of goodness.

Made this last night, so it was ready to devour when I got back from the morning workout.

In the jar...

Bottom layer
0% Fat Kerned Yoghurt, flavoured with vanilla drops and mixed with 1 Tbsp Flax seeds and 1 Tbsp Chia seeds.

Middle layer
50g rolled oats mixed with 30g@per4mbetter chocolate raspberry whey and 150ml skimmed milk.

Top layer
150g fresh raspberries topped with melted dark chocolate and granola.

Thats it, simple yet so so tasty 😜😋🙌🏻👍🏻